Everyone uses words to communicate every day. But are we all using them to our advantage? Tell Lucy offers bespoke communications training to help you get the most out of your words.


Want to hone your communication skills? Write more effective emails? Or find out how to get started with your company’s communications? Come to a Tell Lucy workshop! We run half-day and evening workshops on a variety of topics, to help you tell your story.

Half-day workshops are €150 per person and evening workshops are €100, both including refreshments.

To find out more and register your interest, email

***Upcoming workshops***

Telling your story: how to keep it simple

This evening workshop will help you work out exactly what you want to say, and how best to say it for maximum impact. Join us to:

  • Sketch your story
  • Flesh out the details
  • Translate it for your audience

The next workshop is coming soon – email to register your interest.

Bespoke business training

Modules include:

  • Effective emails
  • Writing for business
  • Sharing your story: introduction to the media
  • Sharing your story: keeping it simple
  • Social media: getting the most out of your story
  • See it, say it, sell it: the art of online storytelling
  • English writing for non-native speakers
  • Troubleshooting workshops

Stories in Science

Research is complex. There are technical concepts, tricky terms and a minefield of jargon. But research is also a rich source of stories: scientists are working hard to understand some of the most fundamental things about life, the universe and everything. People want to hear these stories – in a way they can understand them.

Tell Lucy’s Stories in Science training is for anyone working in science – whether it’s cancer biology or chemistry, particle physics or plant pathology. The modules will help researchers design their projects to incorporate communications, and tell their stories – including online and in the media.

Find out more.

Previous clients and speaking engagements include:

  • Elsevier
  • GRI
  • eRevalue
  • Sense About Science
  • MRC Press Officer Training
  • GRI/London 2012 launch
  • Media training at the Royal Institution
  • Lundquist

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