About Lucy


I’m Lucy Goodchild and I’m a wordsmith. I started writing stories as soon as I could grip a pencil and I’ve had a passionate love affair with words ever since. (I’m also a staunch defender of the apostrophe – check out my blog, Let Lucy Edit.) At Tell Lucy I write articles and work with companies and scientists to help them tell their stories – through websites, publications, press releases, advertising and marketing.

I have a BSc in Genetics and Microbiology from the University of Leeds, and an MSc in History of Science, Technology and Medicine from Imperial College London, UCL and the Wellcome Trust.

After graduating, I worked in external relations at the Society for General Microbiology, before joining the press office at Imperial College London. I moved to Amsterdam in 2010 to be Media Relations Manager and then Press & Communications Manager at the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). I was then Senior Marketing Communications Manager for Life Sciences at Elsevier before setting up Tell Lucy.

Over the years I’ve written for (and edited) many publications, and hit the headlines with hundreds of press releases. These days I’m writing about science, sustainability, business and bees – check out some of my articles.

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